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Zebrina Piper

Owner of Natural Therapeutics Massage & Wellness

Nationally Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

University of Colorado, Biology, BA 2006
Mindbody Institute, San Antonio Texas 2015

Zebrina has been focused on creating an oasis for health and wellness for over 11 years at Natural Therapeutics. She has created a healing space where clients can come to relax and recharge. You will find Zebrina buzzing around the clinic helping with the front desk, hanging with the massage therapists, and administering colonics and detox foot baths. She loves to help in any way she can and ensure everyone who comes through her doors feels like they are at home!

Zebrina enjoys crocheting, listening to audiobooks, sitting by the fire, remodeling her home BUT mostly snowboarding in her spare time! You will find her and her partner, Aaron, all over summit county in the winter months! You might also see Aaron buzzing around the office, maintaining the premises and doing the never ending laundry!

“Health is Wealth”


Front Desk Receptionist

University of Colorado at Boulder 2010

Worked at Natural Therapeutics since March 2022

Myron has been passionate about health and wellness for several years, notably as a force yoga instructor and meditation leader. They love learning from others and prize all forms of self improvement. They believe in keeping an open mind and learning from those around them as everyone has a form or wisdom to impart.

In their spare time, Myron enjoys yoga, weight lifting, discovering new music and drawing.


Front Desk Receptionist

Aveda Beauty School, Austin Texas 2000

Worked at Natural Therapeutics since October 2022

Kat is a warm-hearted individual who holds space for everyone. They believe that healing the mind and body are connected. They feel most at ease when outdoors in nature. When you walk through the door they will be there to warmly welcome you in!

In their spare time they enjoy hiking, meditation, reading, and dancing.

You can also find Kat around the corner from Natural Therapeutics at Creative Chaos cutting and styling hair!


Front Desk Receptionist

Worked at Natural Therapeutics since October 2022

Justyn loves being involved in helping clients understand why self care can be so important for their health and comfort! She also really appreciates hearing how much better each person feels after their massage. She believes self care truly is something each person deserves and should take advantage of!

She enjoys spending time with her two boys, Dax and Kylo, going to live music concerts and being outdoors in her free time!

You might see her youngest around the office as he come to work with her!


Licensed Massage Therapist

Desert Institute of the Healing Arts, Tuscon Arizona 1989

Worked at Natural Therapeutics since February 2017

Consistent Massage Pressure: 4-7

Denise received her massage certificate in 1989 from the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts in Tucson, AZ. After graduating, she returned to the Desert Institute as an instructor for prenatal and hospital based massage. She has worked primarily in chiropractic offices and natural healing clinics. She is also a certified infant massage instructor, an LPN and a licensed Esthetician in IL. Denise moved to Colorado Springs in September to spend more time with her Colorado family.



Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist

Arlington School of Massage, Jacksonville Florida  2001

Worked at Natural Therapeutics since September 2017

Consistent Massage Pressure: 3-10, Ashiatsu 5-10

Jason is a curious mind interested in learning about everything this world has to offer. Over a decade ago his curiosity brought him to healing through massage therapy and the human body has had him captivated ever since! Jason is intrigued by all forms of energy healing and eager to explore it all. Jason excels at therapeutic massage, including neuromuscular and trigger point therapy!

In his downtime he enjoys working with his hands as a way to stay grounded!


Licensed Massage Therapist

Everest College Colorado 2015

Worked at Natural Therapeutics since October 2018

Consistent Massage Pressure: 2-6

Clarissa is passionate about the maintenance of one’s self and believes that massage therapy contributes to a person’s overall well being for the mind, body, and spirit. Her style combines a mixture of relaxation and therapeutic techniques to provide a relaxing, yet effective massage. This can be accomplished through trigger point work, sports massage, stretching, myofascial work, and reflexology techniques. Her work can benefit prenatal clients, athletes, chronic pain and migraine sufferers, and anyone seeking overall wellness of being. She hopes every guest leaves with a smile and feeling renewed.


Licensed Massage Therapist

Altierus Career College, Colorado 2018

Worked at Natural Therapeutics since September 2019

Consistent Massage Pressure: 2-7

After 13 years as an early childhood educator, Amy was ready for a change. She had always been drawn to massage, and in 2017 she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a massage therapist. Massage is the oldest form of medicine, and Amy believes that nothing can replicate or replace the healing power of human touch.

“I believe that massage is not only about restoring balance to the body structure itself, but also to bring rest, clarity of mind, and emotional healing. I will deliver a personalized massage designed to provide you with maximum therapeutic benefit- physically, mentally and emotionally. It is important to me that each client feels safe, supported and honored. I will meet you where you are with kindness, compassion and body positivity. I will confidently work to ease the tension, stress, and discomfort that is held in the body. I believe that health is a state of the body, and wellness is a state of being; my goal is to enhance both the health and wellness of each client, so that they leave feeling refreshed, restored, and with a renewed sense of peace and wholeness.“

In her spare time, Amy is an artist, and loves spending time with her dog.


Licensed Massage Therapist

Reiki Master Attunement

Miller Mootte Technical college, Clarksville Tennessee 2013

Worked at Natural Therapeutics since January 2020

Consistent Massage Pressure: 2-7

Flecha decided to follow in his sisters footsteps and get a massage license. He knew he loved to massage while he was still in high school and worked on the HS baseball team. He enjoys massage because there are so many different modalities to explore and offer from energy work to animal massage! He loves helping people feel better in their bodies and has had much success helping people recover post surgery.
In his free time he loves to dance, do martial arts, play sports and make music, all of which he feels has helped him understand the body better. Flecha specializes in therapeutic sports massage and is a Master Reiki practitioner.


Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist

Elgin Community College Massage Therapy Program 2013

Worked at Natural Therapeutics Since February 2021

Consistent Massage Pressure 2-10

Growing up in a missionary family overseas Nathan has a real heart for people. He has a firm belief in the healing power of touch and human interaction. He specializes in Neuromuscular, deep tissue, sports therapies, recovery, rehabilitation, and structural work.

Nathan has a great fascination and love for history, listening to audio books, watching movies, playing games, and hanging out with friends and family.



Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist

Certified Cupping Therapist

Carrington College Massage Therapy Program 2011

Worked at Natural Therapeutics Since March 2021

Consistent Massage Pressure: 2-9

Stephane’s massage career is fueled by her desire to help people. She believes that massage therapy is one of the most effective ways to help encourage progress within the body. Whether it’s anxiety, stress, pain management, pre/post sports event work or a headache there is a style of massage that can benefit the body. Her style is a combination of therapeutic and relaxing techniques to best help tackle what the body needs while still helping soothe the body.

She is known for her uses of trigger point therapy, deep tissue manipulation, ROM stretching, long broad soothing strokes and CranioSacral therapy.

In her spare time Stephane loves to cook and to spend time with her family and pets.


Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist

Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy 2023

Worked at Natural Therapeutics since April 2023

Consistent Massage Pressure: 2-8

Ana first became fascinated and inspired by massage therapy when she was living abroad in central east Africa. She met a wonderful lady from Thailand who ended up becoming her mentor later in all things “healing through touch.” She is constantly in awe of the human body and inspired by how she can help people escape their pain and do what they love just by communicating to bones, muscles, and nerves with her hands. She strives to give a unique and tailored massage, specific to each client so that they can meet their goals and walk out of the massage room feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and re-inspired to get back out there and live their best lives.

After further training at the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy, Ana offers a variety of modalities which include Neuromuscular, Thai, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, and Swedish massage. She has a thirst and curiosity for learning that cannot be contained, and she hopes to add more massage tools to her toolbox over time.

Outside of massage Ana loves nature and hiking; she loves capturing beautiful moments through photography with just her phone; and she also used to sing professionally and now just does it for fun in her own spare time. She is a true lover of beauty, and she believes that there is nothing more beautiful than healing and relaxing the body through the power of touch. 


Licensed Massage Therapist

Alaska Career College, Anchorage Alaska 2019

Worked at Natural Therapeutics since November 2023

Consistent Massage Pressure: 1-8

Britini was born & raised in Anchorage, Alaska. She finished massage school in Anchorage, & after working at a local Chiropractic office for 2 years, she moved to The Springs in 2021. She has knowledge & experience on the medical side as well as the spa side now. Britini loves helping people feel better to get back on their feet & back to their best selves. She is an empath that takes the time to get to know and listen to each client and their individual needs to make the best plan for every session, with the ability to be adaptable if necessary. She mixes relaxation with Lomi Lomi, sports/stretch, & trigger point therapy. Britini does her best to make each session as enjoyable and as  comfortable as possible.

Britini is trained in cupping, lymphatic drainage, sports recovery, reflexology, neuromuscular, prenatal and minors.

Britini is a mom of 3, which keeps her very busy in her free time. She loves the color purple, music, dancing, anything outdoors, and trying new things. 



Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist

Globe University, Appleton Wisconsin 2014

Worked at Natural Therapeutics since November 2023

Consistent Massage Pressure: 2-10

Airikka has been practicing bodywork since 2014.  She moved to Colorado Springs from Wisconsin shortly after receiving her degree.  Airikka enjoys helping people with their pain management and making their lives more stress free by alleviating ongoing issues.  She loves to educate her clients on how important massage is along with self care.  Airikka specializes in deep tissue and trigger point therapy but also may involve some relaxing techniques into her sessions as well.

“My goal during a massage is to help trigger the parasympathetic nervous- the rest and digest,” she says “This is what truly is going to help aid in the healing process of the muscles.  I like to dig deep and get in there but still make it a relaxing experience for the client.  Massage should feel good and my intention is to show deep tissue can be something to enjoy.”

In her spare time Airikka has her hands full with two pugs Annie and Eleanor (pictured).  She enjoys taking them on adventures with her husband and spending a lot of time reading, playing video games and watching movies or TV shows.



Licensed Massage Therapist

The National Health Institute, Nashville Tennessee 2005

Worked at Natural Therapeutics since December 2023

Consistent Massage Pressure: 2-6

Christi likes to work slowly to warm the muscles and relax the body. Shes enjoys doing focused work and longer massages. She loves to incorporate hot stones and  hot towels. Doing neuromuscular and prenatal massage are her favorite modalities!


In her spare time she enjoys hiking, camping, sewing and just relaxing at home with her family.




Licensed Massage Therapist


Denver School of Massage Therapy Colorado March 2010

Worked at Natural Therapeutics since January 2024

Consistent Massage Pressure: 1-10

Marina has always been interested in massage since a little girl. In 2009 she finally decided to make that passion into a career. Marina has a knowledge of a wide variety of modalities, including prenatal, lymphatic, and many more, but is mostly known for deep tissue and structural body work. Marina believes that we must also take care of ourselves in between our sessions with our massage therapists, “we all work together for the better”. Marina has also been a teacher and mentor to many looking to further their massage therapy interests.

In Marina’s time outside of massage therapy, she loves spending time with her kids and husband. Marina also lives on 40 acres just east of the springs and loves taking care of the cows and dogs, with more animals to come soon. Marina also enjoys working on building onto her house and working on the many project vehicles they have.