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What are Colonics aka Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is also known as colon irrigation or colonics. This therapy introduces warm, purified water gently into the large intestine (colon) through a small disposable nozzle. The introduction of water loosens waste material and makes it easy to  evacuate through natural peristalsis (muscle action of the colon). Waste material includes impacted feces, mucus,toxins,  trapped gases, and parasites.

Colon hydrotherapy not only removes waste material it hydrates the colon and tones it! A colon that is toned and hydrated is a colon that can move waste material easily!

A colon that lacks tone, is dehydrated and impacted with dry feces will have a slow transit time. If your transit time is less than 24 hours per meal, your colon will reabsorb toxins from the material moving slowly through it. Average transit time for many Americans is 60-70 hours. When toxins are being reabsorbed from the large intestine they are being transferred to many different organs and systems causing the body to be less efficient. This will result in many less than desirable symptoms including, fatigue, headaches, gas, bloating, acne, allergies, muscle and joint pain, and many more.

Many people get confused because even if you are having a bowel movement everyday you could still be suffering from constipation and a slow transit time.  This leads many people to believe that they do not have any digestive problems, but in fact they may be eliminating food that is 2-5 days old. There is a simple and effective way you can test your transit time: Consume corn, beets, or a couple handfuls of sesame seeds and then count the hours until it appears in your stool.

If you are suffering from a slow transit time, colonics are just the thing to help get your colon cleaned up, re-hydrated and toned!

Natural Therapeutics is proud to use the Libbe Open Colon Hydrotherapy System!

The Libbe Open Colon Hydrotherapy System provides more privacy, dignity and efficacy while offering a relaxing, safe and comfortable treatment session. This system allows you and/or a qualified therapist complete control of the session.  A distinct advantage with the Libbe device is the pencil-thin rectal tube, which clients find to be very comfortable. One of the key factors is that your privacy is protected at all times, since the specially designed bed allows you to easily insert the lubricated thin rectal tube by yourself. Many people find this reassuring and comforting.  Once the water flow is turned on, there is no need to interrupt the session. Your colon will gently take in as much water as it can tolerate. When you feel the need to evacuate, you simply release. Because of the continuous inflow and release during the treatment, the body’s own muscles are used to provide a more natural, gentle release. At the same time, peristalsis is greatly stimulated and this provides an excellent workout for the colon. Because of the nature of the Libbe, the qualified therapist does not need to be there with you all the time. This affords you as much privacy as you desire.

Colonic Rates

New Client Consultation & Colonic

This includes 30 minutes to go over your health history, get familiar with the Libbe, and answer any questions! Once you feel comfortable you are then ready for your 45 Minute Colonic Session!

New Client Rate

Colonic Member Rate

Massage Member Rate

$100 - 75 Min

$90 - 75 Min

$80 - 75 Min

45 Minute Colonic Session

Standard Rate

Member Rate

$90 - 45 Min Session

$70 - 45 Min Session

Colonic & Detox Foot Bath

New Client Rate

Returning Client Rate

Member Rate

$145 - 90 Min

$135 - 75 Min

$110 - 75 Min

2 Back-to-Back Colonics

These colonics are done over 2 consecutive days. This is great for the first time you are using the machine and also great for preparing for a colonoscopy! One colonic the day before and one colonic the day of your colonoscopy will ensure that you are ready without taking the harsh laxatives that are the current prescribed protocol. (Some with severe constipation may need 3 colonics prior to a colonoscopy).

New Client Rate

Returning Client Rate

Member Rate

$180 - 75 Min & 45 Min

$170 - 45 Min x 2

$140 - 45 Min x 2

Buy In Bulk & Save!

12 Sessions

All Clients

45 Min x 12 = $840 ($70 per session)

6 Sessions

New Client Rate

Returning Client Rate

45 min x 6 = $450 ($75 per session) +

30 Min Consultation – $10 = $460

45 min x 6 = $450 ($75 per session)

3 Sessions

New Client Rate

Returning Client Rate

45 min x 3 = $240 ($80 per session) +

30 Min Consultation – $10 = $250

45 min x 3 – $240 ($80 per session)

Colonoscopy Prep

Colonics are a great alternative to taking laxatives for your colonoscopy preparation! Laxatives are harsh for the colon and irritate it, hence the rapid attempt of your colon to remove the laxative and everything else with it!

A client graciously allowed us to use her information from her recent colonoscopy to show excellent results and an excellent preparation using the Libbe. She followed the liquid diet that was prescribed and did two colonics back to back, one on Monday then one on Tuesday evening, followed by an early Wednesday morning colonoscopy appointment! Everything went great and she did not have to suffer through the bottles of Miralax and hanging out by the toilet for two days!