Most people feel better after a colon hydrotherapy session. You may feel more relaxed or more energized! You will be more hydrated! Each individual situation is very unique! Some people on the other hand don’t feel 100% better after one session. It may take multiple sessions before a better sense of well being is restored.  Some people will experience a “healing crisis”. This is a situation in which the body is releasing toxins faster than they can be neutralized and removed. During this transition time different acute symptoms can temporarily be experienced. Although this can seem like the treatment worsened, a “healing crisis” actually implicates that the body is detoxifying. These symptoms usually pass within a few hours to a few days and can include body aches, headaches, nausea, irritability, fatigue, skin irritations, etc. We recommend back to back sessions for the first two weeks if you are severely constipated or are undergoing a detox in which coffee, tea, alcohol and other stimulants are removed from the diet!