Drink plenty of water! You should drink half your weight in ounces on a daily basis (No Soda, Caffeine, or Alcohol). Fresh juice, soup, and herbal teas are highly recommended!  Try to drink electrolyte enhanced drinks including coconut water or Emergen-C Electro Mix. You can also supplement your drinks with trace minerals. Avoid foods that are hard to digest for at least 24 hours prior. This includes meat, processed foods, raw vegetables, refined sugars, dairy, additives and preservatives. Follow proper food combing rules to reduce gas and aid in digestion. Take a probiotic! This is the beneficial bacteria that line the walls of the gut. This bacteria aids in food digestion and is your first line of defense against microbes. This bacteria is destroyed by antibiotic use. Restoring your “good” bacteria is imperative for the normal function of your colon!